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Albion Borough Council discusses cuts to police and administration departments

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A big Monday night, for Albion Borough Council's second public meeting on the budget crisis facing the borough.

The borough is faced with closing a 300,000 dollar budget deficit by the end of the year. Last week they held a meeting discussing cuts to the water, sewer, and garage departments.

The main discussion Monday night, was whether or not to disband the police department and have state police take over, or keep it with major cuts. 

68% of the budget supports the police department that is comprised of 10 officers, three which are full time. The officers cover a one square mile borough.

Some people were in favor of keeping the department in some shape, and a few wanted to cut it all together. 

Residents know cuts and possibly a tax increase are coming, they just hope council heard their thoughts during the meetings.

"A lot of towns: Fairview, Waterford, they don't have police departments. I never hear of a lot of trouble there, I don't know why they think we have so much trouble here, we don't," said Tom Duda, a property owner in Albion Borough.

"Granted crime is bigger now than it ever use to be before, in all places of the United States, but I still don't think that it's that rampant here that we need 24/7 police coverage," said Cindy Altman, a resident in Albion Borough.

At the end of the meeting, council broke into an executive session. They hope to vote on any cuts or tax increase at their regular council meeting this Thursday.

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