The City of Erie Zoning Board voted 4-1 to uphold an earlier decision that using a single-family residence as an Airbnb does not violate zoning regulations during its meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors in the Glenwood Association filed the appeal in August over the short-term rentals at the home at 4706 Upland Drive.

The zoning board listened to two hour of testimony during a hearing last month.

The city's chief zoning officer ruled it is still a single-family dwelling and said that current zoning does not address the Airbnb question.

Neighbors disagreed. They testified the transient nature of the rentals has turned the home into a hotel, which is clearly not permitted in the R-1 zoning language.

Homeowner Susan Morse said she still lives in the home some of the time, and renters are carefully screened.

More than 100 properties within the region are registered on Airbnb, a zoning board member said.

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