An Erie man's protest over the local justice system is now being met with opposition.

Over the past several days, Rashad McAdory has been standing on top of an American flag, outside of the Erie County Courthouse.

McAdory tells Erie News Now that as a veteran, he wants to draw attention to the racial injustices within the local justice system.

McAdory says he is protesting white supremacy and systematic racism.

“I'm supposed to stand for the flag that's been racially oppressing us for 500, 600 years?  No,” said McAdory.  “The flag don't mean nothing to me right now.  But, I love America.  This is my country.  But this flag means nothing if it doesn't help the black community and it doesn't help the black community."

Meanwhile, after seeing McAdory protesting on Facebook, several counterprotestors went to the courthouse on Thursday, to protest his treatment of the flag.

"I'm a libertarian,” said King Kage.  “I believe that the NFL protest, if they want to get on their knees, I'm fine with that.  However, this is just a whole other level.  It's demoralizing to the country.  It's demoralizing to the people.  I wouldn't recommend standing on any flag, let alone the U.S. flag."

McAdory says he plans to continue his protest, until he is treated fairly.