Scalise Exhibits is a small, local, family owned company that specializes in designing and producing trade shows and marketing events.

Jay Scalise started the company 20 years ago.

His son Doug signed on 5 years later as creative director.

He basically takes a client's ideas and using his creativity and computer skills, comes up with a three dimensional design.

Doug Scalise said, "I pretty much go start to 3-D and start figuring it out once I know the booth space, and make some preliminary requirements. Do they need a conference room, audio visual. What kind of store? What equipment are they going to have?"

After the design is finalized, the real work starts, building the exhibit using primarily flexible, lightweight materials.

It is a lot work for just a half dozen employees.

But the firm wants to be involved in every step in the process of producing the final product, and keeping the customer happy.

The company's exhibits have been seen in trade shows all across the country for the past 20 years, and at locations around the world.

President Jay Scalise said, "Sometimes it is major international destinations like Paris or London. But sometimes it is more off the beaten path."

While most of the company's work is seen at trade shows, the firm does produce permanent displays used by Lord Corporation, Erie Insurance and other local employers.