ERIE, Pa. - Surveillance video like that used in the investigation of an officer-involved shooting in the City of Erie in October has helped investigators solve a number of recent cases.

Like this case, some of those cameras have been installed by neighbors, or neighborhood watch groups.

The Neighborhood Resource Organization has installed nearly a dozen city wide over the last few years, according to John Villa, the group's director. That doesn't include groups like the Bayfront East Side Task Force and others who have also ramped up efforts in their specific areas.

Surveillance video has aided in other recent investigations -- including a first-degree murder case and a fatal high speed crash. It's the reason watch group leaders are urging everyone with a surveillance camera, to cooperate if asked to help. 

"If you have something on video that should go to the police department, just give it to them," said Villa, who also heads the SNOOPS neighborhood watch group. "You've got your cameras up for a reason."

In all of these cases, officials are withholding that video from the public; they have been shown only in the courtroom.