It was a cold, but nice morning for a run, and that's what dozens did in support of Erie Dawn.   

This was the fifth year, a group of runners called Team Adrenaline ran for a local charity. 

Each year, they choose a charity at random to collect donations for, then run to deliver them near Christmas. 

Erie Dawn is a local charity that takes women, with or without children, gets them into apartments, and provides them with life skills. Once they move to permanent housing, they help them acquire supplies to get started.

"Well it's wonderful because any time we can get someone to donate things, that then saves us money that we can then put more families into the program, help with rent assistance and our case management, so this is great," said Maureen Dunn, Executive Director of Dawn.

"It's the beginning of December, and there's a whole month of giving so we hope we can inspire others. There's much need in Erie. Go out there, find somebody in need of supplies and go do it," said Elaine Lafuria, one of the co-founders of the charity run.

The items the runners collect and donate vary based on the need of the charity.