An anti-violence group is teaming up with the Erie School District to help students currently facing out-of-school suspension.

Erie City Councilwoman, Sonya Arrington and her group, Mothers Against Teen Violence (MATV) have reached out to the Erie School District to offer help to high school students suspended from school.

Currently when you are suspended from the Erie School District, you have no other option besides staying at home. However, now with this new program that will change.  

Sonya Arrington told Erie News Now, starting Monday students will now have the option to voluntarily attend the Booker T. Washington center while they are suspended. In the program, students will be able to work on the homework that they would have normally missed out on while out on suspension.

Arrington tells me the students will have the access to tutoring by Mercyhurst College students as well as mentoring from her and her team. Erie School District superintendent, Brian Polito says the main goal is to help reduce the academically deficient students.

According to Polito, currently there are around 300 high school students who have fallen behind.
He hopes that this new program will help get some of these students back on track.

"We're hoping that we have a lot of participation in the program because it keeps the students that are suspended moving during that time period,” said Polito.

The program is only open to high school students currently, the group is expected to announce more on the partnership on Thursday.