State Rep. Pat Harkins told Erie News Now he is gaining support for the Jake Schwab Public Worker Safety Bill.

Harkins is the prime sponsor of House Bill 1082, named for the EMTA mechanic fatally injured in a workplace accident at the bus garage in November 2014.

The issue went before a hearing of the House Labor and Industry Committee Monday as Harkins and Schwab's widow tried for the second time tot move it to the full House for action.

The Schwab Bill proposes OSHA-type standards to strengthen public workplace safety.

Schwab's wife Tiffany and his coworkers from the transit union were among those speaking for the measure.

"In this building and around the state, I'm receiving calls and emails from concerned workers who encounter things everyday in their daily work atmosphere that want to see this enacted," said Rep. Harkins. "I think at the end of the day, we did wake up some people today as to what's really going on."

"It's ridiculous that this day and age that we're not protecting everyone when they go to work," said Schwab. "I don't know why half the population is expected to be safe when we go to work and the other half not."

This is Schwab's third time lobbying Harrisburg for the bill. She is determined to see it move to the full House for action next year.

Harkins said the bill Monday gained some important Republican support.

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