Summit Township Supervisors voted Monday night to opt-out of allowing mini casinos in the municipality.

"Municipalities that are host municipalities or anywhere the near the casino, have the ability to enact an ordinance, to prevent the location of that type of casino in the municipality," said Nancy Agostine, Board Chair. 

According to the new gaming law, mini casinos can be built within a 25-mile radius of existing casinos.

Three truck stops in Erie County are eligible to host video gaming terminals, and Erie County is eligible for a mini casino, most likely on Erie's Bayfront.          

During their meeting, Board Chair Nancy Agostine said that in Summit Township, there isn't really any room for a mini casino, because of current laws and regulations.

"We just want to make sure that we clearly indicate that we don't want that here in Summit Township," said Agostine.

Agostine said the main reason they voted for the resolution because it would take current business away from Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

"We'd just be transferring the folks that are patronizing our current casino with more expense, and more fees, and I think it's to preserve the integrity of the casinos as they are," she explained.

If they change their mind in the future, the supervisors do have the option to 'opt in' and allow mini casinos.