The defense argued Marquis Knight shot and killed Allen Basham in self-defense during opening arguments in the murder trial Tuesday.

Basham, 19, was killed during a shootout along West 26th Street in Erie in April 2016.

Police charged three people, including Knight, 28, with firing more than 40 shots. Four guns were recovered.

Investigators said they found a spent shell casing in Knight's bedroom that matches the murder weapon.

Prosecutors said Knight was involved in previous altercations with Basham. Knight was previously jumped by the victim at a basketball game and threatened with a knife at a hotel, according to prosecutors. They said Basham tried to run away, but Knight shot and killed him.

The defense said Knight was registered to carry a weapon, and the victim was the one who opened fire on Knight first.

A witness, who was the last person with Basham before his death, took the stand Tuesday morning. The District Attorney called him a hostile witness who did not want to answer a lot of questions.

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