The deadline is quickly approaching, to pick your plan under the Affordable Care Act.

The December 15th deadline to enroll in Obamacare is now just 10 days away, the enrollment period is 45 days shorter this year.

Erie's Community Health Net has certified marketplace navigators, like Belinda Newell-Mosley, to help make sure you know how to get all the benefits you need.

Health plan costs are expected to spike next year, but if you sign up at, you may be eligible to get support from the federal government, to help pay health care premiums.

Local marketplace navigators said it is important to shop around for the best plan for you.

"You want to look at the deductibles, you want to look at other out of pocket costs, and determine what works for you. If you use less coverage than I do, then it might be okay for you to have a plan that has a co-pay that is higher for a primary care physician," said Newell-Mosley. "If you don't have a plan at least call us, make an appointment, come and look at your options. If you do have a plan, the plan that you had for 2017 may not be the least expensive plan, so you definitely want to look at check out your options."

Again, open enrollment is until next Friday, December 15th.

For help, you can contact Community Health Net Marketplace Navigators at 814-314-0055.

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