A volunteer effort that started more than 30 years ago, continues to provide hand-made wooden Christmas toys for area  children in need.

Nearly two dozen volunteers, who call themselves Santa's Helpers, will provide more than 3,000 unique toys this year to 32 agencies to donate to children.

The volunteers work with donated wood, five mornings every week, all year long, in a workshop provided by Erie Press Systems.

They are all retirees, with woodworking skills, creativity, and a desire to make Christmas brighter for boys and girls.

Santa's Helper Skip Georga said, "That is the whole idea. We get the satisfaction and gratitude of people picking up the toys. When they pickup their order and the smiles on the faces knowing the kids in their charity and organizations are going to have toys every year."

Santa's Helper Harold Wesmiller said, "It is just joy. It is not work. If it was work, I would not be here."

Most of the toys are made for children under the age of 10.