AUSTIN, Tx - After suffering a heart attack, November 16th, former Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Ridge, has been discharged from the hospital.

Since the heart attach, Gov. Ridge has been spending his days recovering at the Seton Medical Center Austin hospital in Austin, Tx.

Tuesday, Erie News Now was told, Gov. Ridge is discharged from there and will continue his recovery process at a nearby rehabilitation facility. Here, he will focus on regaining his strength.

Upon this progression, Gov. Ridge released a statement.

He says, 

"I am making great progress, feeling much better and am looking forward to the rehab which will be an important part of my recovery. I so admire and respect my new Texas friends, but I'm ready to head back north. And they are probably ready to get rid of me! The many medical professionals at Ascension's Seton Healthcare Family, who looked after me with such care and compassion, will never truly know what they have meant to me and my family. We will be forever grateful."

Erie News Now will continue to follow his recovery, and bring you the latest on Gov. Tom Ridge's health.