Normally if you are pulled over in the City of Corry and receive a ticket, the money goes to the city. But for the month of December, you can pay in food or money, to the Corry Food Panty.

"Instead of issuing citations, we're issuing warnings during the holiday season," explained Chief Richard Shopene of the City of Corry Police Department.

It's all for a campaign, called Corry City Police Against Hunger. For any minor violations, or illegal parking, the warning will be issued with a flier, to donate food or money to the department for the food pantry. 

The Corry Area Food Pantry serves about 700 people every month.

The idea came from the St. Mary's Police Department in Elk County, who is doing a similar campaign with toys for children.

Chief Shopene said in the past six days, they've issued about 15 to 20 fliers, to the surprised people who thought they were receiving a ticket.

"We're part of the community, we want to help out in the community, we're not just there to write citations and parking tickets," said Shopene.

Carol Fielding of Corry said it's perfect idea for this holiday season.

"Why not allow people that option of not paying a ticket but actually paying it forward to someone else," said Fielding.

Not all driving violations will be exempt from a ticket. Drivers are still expected to follow the rules of the road.

"Safety violations, license violations, driving under the influence of alcohol, any violations that result in accidents, those are not exempt," explained Shopene.

If you receive a flier you are not obligated to make a donation. Even if you do not give the police a reason to pull you over, you can still donate.

"Let's try to all work together to make everybody's holiday as best as possible," said Shopene.

Since 2011, the department has also participated in the Salvation Army campaign. The department competes against several other groups in the city, to raise the most money the night they ring the bell.

You can drop off a food or money donation to the City of Corry Police Department located at: 20 East South Street Corry, PA 16407