Just when it looked like Erie County Council wrapped up for the year, it turns out there was some unfinished business.

Council met during a special meeting Wednesday afternoon to begin repealing a vote from last week's meeting.

It increased the number of board members on the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority from seven to nine.

Finance chairman Andre Horton said he meant to vote against the changes but instead voted for it.

The vote is contingent on the future of the Erie County Land Bank that council approved last week.

ECGRA controls the land bank's $1 million in funding.

Council is expected to revote Thursday afternoon during an emergency meeting.

"Since that designates the same board members as ECGRA, those two are linked together," said Jay Breneman, council chairman. "Whether there are 7 or 9 members, those 2 ordinances are linked together."

County executive Kathy Dahlkemper has not signed the land bank into law.

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