The company awarded the permit for a medical marijuana dispensary in the Erie area has a new location for the dispensary.

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) told Erie News Now Thursday the dispensary will be located at 2108 West 8th Street near Beverly Drive in the City of Erie.

"We're very excited to be in the city proper," said Pete Kadens, GTI's director and CEO. "Hopefully, it's more accessible to our patients, there's more parking, and it's just generally a more centralized location for people around the county and in the outlying areas to get access to medicine."

The dispensary originally was suppose to be located on West Ridge Road in Fairview and be ready by the end of December, but GTI requested permission from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to move because of environmental concerns at the site.

"Our goal is to be open in the March 1-15 timeframe, so there will not be much delay in terms of when medicine gets to market and when our patients can access it," said Kadens.

GTI is also the company with the contract to grow marijuana in Danville, Pennsylvania.

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