ERIE, Pa. - The future of an Erie County land bank now goes back to Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper.

By a 4-3 vote, Erie County Council during a special meeting called for a second consecutive day Thursday afternoon approved the Neighborhood Infrastructure and Revitalization Fund, or NIRF, for the second time. The plan calls for the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority to oversee the $1 million in new state gaming money that funds the land bank.

The re-vote comes after Finance Chairman Andre Horton said during Wednesday's special meeting that he voted in error last week. That vote made the number of ECGRA board members different from the NIRF plan.

ECGRA will remain a seven-member board.

The proposal now heads to the county executive's desk, but Dahlkemper remains skeptical of the way that land bank will operate.

"There's a question whether it's even legal under the law for an entity such as a gaming revenue authority to run a land bank," Dahlkemper said following the vote.

"If this is vetoed, then we have no plan to go forward and put this land bank into motion," said Council's Vice Chairman Kyle Foust, who drafted the NIRF legislation.

Last week, Council voted against Dahlkemper's proposed version of the land bank legislation.

Any proposal that's vetoed can't be proposed again for six months unless someone on that winning side wants to bring it back, Foust said.