As Erie clears away the record snowfall, Team Rubicon is coming to town, to assist residents with snow removal and more.

You may recall, they came to the Erie area last month in response to tornado damage.

Ahead of the full team's arrival tomorrow, the crew that was out today is a recon team for Team Rubicon. And while they were out assessing the damage, they were called into action by a resident, and as you will see, this was not the normal encounter.

Shovels briskly toss away thick piles of snow off of a wooden porch. The almost clear section had been completely covered, like many across Erie.

For Matt Sanders, and his Erie-based crew of veterans, this is more than just about a clear path to a front door.

"Team Rubicon's all about finding more purpose to serve. said Sanders There's a lot of veterans here, and when we get out, a lot of us are without purpose in a lot of different ways. And so, being able to find that purpose through the team, that the team provides for us, it's just amazing."

The first of many Team Rubicon will dig out this week is Mary Johnson, who has been snowed in since Monday. And that snow even prevented groceries from being delivered to the Navy veteran.

"It's been a little hard, as far as physical limitations, sort of feel bad." said Johnson

Not only did Sanders and his team move the snow, but Sanders, himself, brought Johnson some food from his own pantry.

"I'm very grateful, I can't say thank you enough. I actually, for once, it may sound funny, but, I feel like someone is actually helping us.
said Johnson We have very few people we can call to take us anywhere, especially in this weather. So, with them coming, especially with this ex-Navy guy here, I just feel good all over."

And that good feeling is a mutual one too.

"Hearing her say that, and seeing her say that, it was like the best  Christmas gift that could have gotten.
said Sanders Because, I'm able to get out and help other people, and help them in ways they're not able to help themselves."

Johnson called the 2-1-1 number set up to connect with Team Rubicon, and that's what you should do if you need assistance. But, just a disclaimer, while team Rubicon is dedicated to helping out, Sanders did bring the food from his own pantry, and that is not an average thing that Rubicon does.