The lake effect storms that continued today are a bit different than usual.

Normally the bulk of the sow falls in the traditional snowbelt, like Edinboro and other areas south of Interstate 90.

But since Monday the heaviest snow has been concentrated in Erie and areas to the east.

In Harborcreek, well over a foot of snow fell today, on top of several feet that fell since Christmas.

Veteran Harborcreek Township plow driver Nick Taccone says it has been more difficult than a normal winter storm.

He said, "It has been exceptionally bad.It is the worst storm I can remember in the 15 years I have been employed here."

Harborcreek homeowners have also been putting in long hours.

Homeowner Mike Cieslak said, "At least 2-3 times per day we snowblow, between me and the neighbors across the street. We are doing the driveways constantly. As the plows go by just burying us in."

It is the most snow Michael Sestak has ever had to deal with, and he has lived in the township for nearly 30 years.

He said, Oh, it is the worst storm I have had to deal with over the years. The most amount of snow I have ever seen."