A local VFW honored a group of volunteers this evening, for their efforts, helping those in need.

Amidst what Team Rubicon is calling "Operation Misery Bay." the hard-working volunteers were able to trade in the shovels and jackets, for some pizza and conversation.

    VFW 470 on West 26th Street hosted the volunteers this evening to thank them for their ongoing efforts to help people around the city get back on their feet.

            And it comes at the perfect time for the veteran-based volunteers, as Team Rubicon announced today they will be doubling their staff and will stay in Erie at least until January 12th.

            For volunteer, and veteran Brian Remmey, the brotherhood among veterans made this offer one they could not pass up.

"But at the core, that's who we are, we're veterans." said Remmey "We take care of our brothers and sisters, like the VFW, like the Legion, other organizations do. This is a little bit of coming home, and to know these guys are taking ..or having our back because we have there's,  is the way it's always been."

A board member with the VFW says they will continue to support Team Rubicon while they work here in Erie.

And a reminder, if you need team rubicon's services, you are asked to dial 2-1-1