Michael Frick's video has been shared thousands of times by people after it went viral on social media.

"I didn't expect it to go that viral, I didn't expect it to reach that many people," said Frick.

From the Washington Post- to Accuweather- to BBC News, his video has literally been seen by people from all of the world since he posted it on December 26th.

"There were comments like 'this guy's an idiot' and then there were comments like 'this just guys just having fun!"

The Erie native, who now lives in Pittsburgh, was visiting his family for Christmas, and decided to jump about 10-to-12 feet off of his parent's roof into a 3-to-5 foot pile of fluffy snow.

"I did not touch any ground, it was just all snow, all pillow padding, I didn't get hurt at all," explained Michael Frick.

Michael and his sister also had fun mocking their family in Florida who got a kayak for Christmas. The Frick family put their kayak in the snow to show them what a real Erie Christmas was like. 

He said he's seen a lot of snow before, but never this bad.

"Especially it being like buried in and everybody being closed in the city, I've never seen this before," said Frick.

For those people who aren't a fan of being buried in by the snow, he recommends to go out and have fun.