A New Years resolution can be hard to stay committed to for most people. But 56-year-old Sue Ross is not like most people.

Ross made a promise to herself at the end of 2016, to lose weight, and to get back into shape.

She signed up with a personal trainer at Iron Oxygen Fitness and Level Red Boxing.

She slowly, but surely saw progress as she kept working at it.

She experienced a setback when she was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and underwent heart surgery in August.

But that only continued to fuel the fire for the 56-year- old as she balanced work, home. And the gym.

And one year, five inches, and 35 pounds later, Sue is in her best shape in years.

And she has advice for anyone who wants to make the same commitment she did, one year ago

"You have to give yourself time, it took you time to get into that shape.” said Ross “You’re not going to rectify it after a week, after a month, it takes time. We have to retrain ourselves on how we do things, and that's mind over your body too. You have to be committed, you have to want it."

Up next for Ross, she says she will work to compete in the Barber Beast on the Bay race this summer. Not only that, but she says she is going to win.