The ANNA Shelter helped to save a dog it is calling Grace from neglect and frostbite.  A neighbor reported that the dog was malnourished and left outside in a cold shed.  She was brought to the ANNA Shelter in the evening on New Year's Day.

The dog is a one year old Pit Bull.  She was alert and responsive but was emaciated and suffering from severe frost bite on her muzzle, ears and pads of her feet, according to the ANNA Shelter.  They believe the dog had been neglected for about a month. "She was starting to get into organ failure so the care that she got last night with our vet being on call literally saved her life," said ANNA Shelter Executive Director, Ruth Thompson.  "I mean the frostbite is the least of her concerns, she is right now 20 pounds, she should be about a 45 pound dog."

The dog was put on IV fluids and medications to prepare her system for food. The shelter said the dog faces a long road to recovery. An animal cruelty officer is investigating the case.  Eric Duckett, Humane Police Officer said,  "We believe we know who the owner is, so at this point we're just gathering enough evidence to prove that he is the owner."

The shelter is looking for a foster home for Grace.  When she is stronger, she will be available for adoption.

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