The second term of Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper has begun.  Dahlkemper was sworn-in today during a ceremony at the Erie County Court House.

After taking the oath, Dahlkemper said she will continue to focus on four things..a diversified economy, health and wellness, public safety, and government efficiency and transparency.

"We still have a lot of work to do.  That's why I'm very excited  to have four more years to continue to work on those roles, really building that vibe in Erie County that has opportunity for all," she said.

When Dahlkemper was sworn into office four years ago, she had former Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott by her side as a symbol of cooperation. But, that working relationship was strained at times.

Dahlkemper hopes her next four years will be better with Erie's new Mayor Joe Schember.

"Mayor Schember and I have already sat down and started meeting, and we're going to continue to do that, just so we can be aware of what each other is doing and where it makes sense to collaborate. We're going to do that," she said.

Sworn-in today, at the same ceremony, were two new members of Erie County Council.  Dahlkemper is also looking forward to working with them.

Carl Anderson, whose district includes the southeast section of the city, sees eye to eye with the executive on the county sponsoring a community college.

"We will certainly hit the ground running.  Lots of things happening in our community.  Lots of issues to deal with.  We will certainly be involved in those things and working with the county executive on a number of issues in the community at large," Anderson said.

Scott Rastetter, whose district includes a southern section of the county, also realizes the need for cooperation. But, he also realizes what's good for the city, may not be good for the county.

"The people in the 6th District have a lot of different ideas than what's on the agenda for the city, and I have to represent them." Rastetter said.
Also sworn-in this morning were Erie County Sheriff John Loomis, and six district judges, four of them winning their seat for the first time.