Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny and Mayor Joe Schember Wednesday announced the new command staff for the police department.

They have a combined 75 years of experience on the force.

Lieutenant Mark Sanders has been promoted to Inspector of the Office of Professional Standards.

Sanders has been on the force since 1989, and he's spent the past 14 years in the department's Training Unit.

In that time Chief Spizarny says, "He has been an integral part in implementing the policies and procedures for the department and has helped raise the professionalism of the department. Mark has served this department longer than I have been on the job, and with his experience in the Training Unit, he will be the perfect fit as Inspector," said Spizarny.

Mike Nolan has been appointed as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Investigation Division, he will be supervising detectives.

Nolan has served more than 25 years as an Erie police officer. He's taken on Erie's drug problem, working in the department's Drug and Vice Unit for more than 22 years. He was also on the SWAT Team for 11 years, "Going into this new role I think I'm going to have a good idea about how things are supposed to be done," said Nolan. "I'm gong to rely on the lieutenants who are in charge of these different divisions to assist me, and helping me do a good job of supervising them," Nolan continued.

His brother, Jon Nolan, is also named a member of the Command Staff Wednesday.

Jon Nolan is now the Deputy Chief of the Patrol Division. He was hired by Erie Police in 1995 and has served on the SWAT Team for 18 years, serving as SWAT team Commander since 2013.

"Jon and I worked many missions together and we all know how dedicated Jon is to doing things correctly," said Chief Spizarny. "Jon has spent his entire career serving in the Patrol division and that experience will serve us well," Spizarny continued.

Both the new mayor and police chief say they will have a concerted focus on improving community relations between police and the citizens of Erie.

And Chief Spizarny says this command staff will play an integral role in making that happen, "We've all worked in different units through the time, I think we have a lot of the same ideas, we've seen a lot of good that's happened from the Unified Erie and the community police relations, and we want to be the leaders to move the whole department forward in that direction, said Spizarny.

"I believe we work for the taxpayers and the people in the community, and I believe if we communicate with them that will allow them to communicate better with us, and it will help us all to make Erie a safer place to live," said Mike Nolan.

Also promoted Wednesday is Bill Marucci to lieutenant. He will be the Commander of the department's Special Weapons and Tactics Team, the SWAT Team.

Lt. Marucci says he's looking forward to working with the new command staff, "They were all members of the SWAT Team, they were all team leaders on the SWAT Team so they understand what it's going to take to maintain our SWAT Team and to keep us up to the readiness level that we need to be at," said Marucci.

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