A total of 22 snow-covered vehicles were cleared and towed away Wednesday, as part of efforts to clear city streets of snow-covered vehicles and several feet of snow.

And the efforts will continue for the rest of the week.

The Erie Streets Department and Erie Police launched a team-effort Wednesday to get the vehicles out of the way, so plow crews can do their work.

The piled-up snow surrounding many vehicles has caused hazards on several city streets.

So Wednesday, police targeted the area of East 16th to East 26th streets, from State street to East Avenue.

Police also targeted vehicles parked in violation of the city's odd-even parking rules.

Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny says 40 vehicles were moved prior to towing.

Several car owners who let the snow pile up around their vehicle were out in a rush to get their vehicles dug out, before they were towed Wednesday.

Erie News Now caught up with a few vehicles in the process of being towed, which could cost car owners hundreds of dollars to get their vehicle back.

We found some people in the area who were also doing their part to help neighbors avoid those fines, "My neighbor is actually in a wheelchair so it's really too difficult for him to get out," said Mohammad Ridha of Erie. "We're trying our best to open the sidewalk. I mean not just for him but for the whole neighborhood. The sidewalk is buried basically, the city is helping a lot but we need to help too because you know some cars like this are stuck on the road and they can't do their job properly," Ridha continued.

Erie Police and the Streets Department will continue their efforts to clear and tow snow-covered vehicles on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday snow removal operations will take place between West 16th to West 26th streets from State Street to Bauer Lane/Elmwood Avenue (All blocks through the 1400 block)

On Friday, police, tow and street crews will focus on the area of East 16th north to the lake, from State Street to East Avenue.

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