A Florida couple is facing charges, after they’re accused of attempting to sneak a cat in their luggage at the Erie International Airport.

They have been identified as Nicholas Larrison and Olivia Sari of North Port, Florida.  Both face a charge of transporting an animal in a cruel manner.

According to Erie International Airport Director of Public Safety Ian Bogle, the cat---named Slim---was discovered inside a piece of checked luggage filled with clothes.

It happened on New Years Day.

Bogle says the airport's inspection system alerted Transportation Security Administration workers, who then opened the bag and found Slim.

According to Bogle, there was no food, water, or air in the bag.

The airport then contacted the Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Humane Society Executive Director Nicole Bawol says the couple agreed to sign the cat over to the shelter, where it is now recovering.  Bawol tells Erie News Now that Slim is in poor condition.