Two Millcreek supervisors are disagreeing about the quality of service from the township's new garbage contractor.  One supervisor is giving Advanced Disposal failing grades.  Another says the company has been responsive to customer needs.

Advanced Disposal won the Millcreek garbage collection contract in March of last year, and had only three weeks to get the service started. It won the contract by outbidding Waste Management, a company that held the job for over 20 years. Advanced Disposal's bid is saving customers almost $10 a quarter. But, Supervisor John Groh says if he, himself, could fire the company, he would.

"They'd be gone. Yeah. Because the lack of performance," he said.  "I'm not trying to be hard about this whole thing.  The fact is, we hired his company as a contractor.  They have failed, in my opinion, to do what they're supposed to provide this service."

Groh says the township's Public Services Department receives 2 to 3 complaints a day about garbage service, although Erie News Now's requests to obtain those records have not been answered.

"It's not just something that's this or that.  We're talking possible co-mingling of trash and recycling.  We're talking missed pickups.  We're talking billing issues," Groh says.

Supervisor John Morgan says any talk of replacing Advanced Disposal would be a knee-jerk reaction. He estimates that maybe  200 people have filed complaints out of 16,000 customers.

"A lot of the concerns we've gotten are, frankly, preference issues.  We've had concerns about the color of the truck, in some cases.  We had concerns about routes not being driven the exact same way they were before," Morgan said.

Morgan says Advanced Disposal has been responsive, and meets regularly with township officials about service.

"The concerns that have been brought up that are legitimate concerns, that are legitimate concerns for safety, legitimate concerns for service, have been addressed..have been brought to their attention," he said.

In an e-mail to Erie News Now, Advanced Disposal's General Manager, Ed Yahner, said the company has received countless kudos, thank you's, and kind words from Millcreek residents.

"For those residents that feel we have some improvements to make, we will continue to work them until we meet their satisfaction," he said.