Wednesday marks one full week that Erie's new mayor has been on the job. And he continues to share his vision across the city.

To say Erie Mayor Joe Schember has been busy since taking office is an understatement.

Wednesday afternoon, he addressed the Rotary Club of Erie to further explain his goals for the future of Erie, as well as to make one-on-one connections.

It's just one of the many stops Schember has made this past week to get the ball rolling on his administration.

Erie mayor, Joe Schember is continuing to share his vision for Erie with the community, much like he did on his inauguration day less than two weeks ago.

Schember is reaffirming his commitment to making Erie a more prosperous, community. But it's something he cannot do alone.

"A collaboration is very important to me.” said Schember “ I want to get away from that silent mentality of the past, and that turf protection of the past."

And that means reaching out communities beyond city limits.

"Hey, we all live together in this region, if something is good in Erie, it's good in Millcreek and visa versa."

Schember's goal of collaboration will take time as he familiarizes himself with different organizations. And while getting everyone on board with his vision this early on may require some work, he is already making himself a strong presence at several events in the area.

"I've been getting to a lot of meetings, various groups. From minority groups, like the leaders of the community centers, trying to understand how we can help them more, help the youth in the inner city, that they are helping too.” said Schember “[I’ve gone to] Things like today with Rotary, UPMC Hamot's big ball, just making those kinds of connections. Just trying to bring everyone together, listen to everyone, and make decisions that are best for Erie."

Continuing his efforts to plan for the future, Schember stressed that he's very optimistic about the growth of his Community and Economic Development team.

And we'll find out more of what else is to come from Mayor Schember Thursday morning when he will hold a press conference around 10:00.