ERIE, Pa. - A group of consultants will now help the Erie School District draft its first comprehensive plan in over a decade.

The Erie School Board Wednesday evening unanimously approved hiring the California-based group "Performance Fast" to help craft the plan. Superintendent Brian Polito calls it a "bottom up" approach, focusing on primary literacy and early education. The plan will also be tailored to include multiple magnet programs at the high school level.

The $94,000 contract will be covered through a variety of private funds, according to Polito.

"We felt that this would be a perfect opportunity to take a step back and look at where we are in five years academically and where we want to be in five years and bring in some outside perspective," said Polito, who expects the plan to be finished before the district's budget is passed this summer.

This plan comes after the Erie School District was allocated $14 million in recurring additional state funding last year.

The district will be holding public meetings this spring to gather input, similar to those held throughout Spring 2017 when the district was undertaking its reorganization and consolidation process.