Fire officials are still investigating the cause of a fire that heavily damaged a portion of a Girard Township business on Monday.

Now several of the local businesses impacted by that fire said they are doing what they can to move forward.

The fire took place at Clark Electric on Tannery Road in Girard.

Several of the businesses renting space on the property were heavily damaged.

Erie News Now caught up with Nathan Roach, one of the renters.

He said he didn’t want to go on camera but said this does set his business back.

Roach subcontracts with FedEx and operates his business using several trucks. He said none of the trucks were damaged, but the mechanic shop located on the same property where he would fix his cars was.

Both Roach and the property owner Jack Clark said they never expected something like this to happen.

“You try to do everything orderly and properly to prevent something like this,” Clark said. “One of the things that really saved the building was the fire wall we put up and that other side of the building is not damaged, but nobody plans for this.”