Plans are being made to demolish a section of an indoor athletic complex, in Millcreek, that collapsed due to heavy snow.

The decision to tear down that section of the Erie Premier Sports Complex was made today. Heavy snow slid down the rear part of the building late yesterday afternoon.  The snow landed on top of a flat-roofed section in the front, causing a cave in.

The front section will be torn down and rebuilt. It may take 8 weeks for the job to be completed.  The complex hosts hundreds of soccer players by conducting leagues and providing instruction.  Erie Premier Sports must now try to combine all the activities inside the organization's other facility on McClelland Avenue.

"We believe there might be a couple of cancellations over the next couple of weeks.  But for the most part, we're still going to be able to service our customers," said Pedro Argaez, Director of Operations.

Information on class times, and league schedules, will be made available on the Erie Premier Sports web site.. Updates on the construction will also be posted.