While the warmer weather has helped melt much of the record snowfall in Erie, the change in temperature has wreaked havoc on power lines and homes.

"For us, it's been crazy,” said Erie Fire Chief Guy Santone.  “There's been wires down all throughout the city."

Chief Santone says in the past day alone, the Erie Fire Department has responded to more than 110 calls for downed wires.

"This is the craziest winter I've ever seen.” said Chief Santone.

Along with damaged power lines, the melting snow and falling ice has also ripped many gutters off of homes and caused several porches to collapse.

According to Erie Mayor Joe Schember, with more snow possibly on the way, the city is preparing to implement odd/even parking throughout the weekend and on Martin Luther King Day, to keep the streets clear.

"We don't have to wait until Tuesday to start plowing streets that may have a foot of snow on them,” said Schember.  “With the odd/even parking starting Saturday, Sunday, Monday, that lets us get into the inner city an get that plowed."

Schember says he will wait until tomorrow to determine if the regulations need to be put into place this weekend.