Millcreek Township is moving into the next phase of its effort to develop a new comprehensive plan called Embrace Millcreek.

Last year, four public meetings were held, and two online surveys were conducted to gather input from residents.

Millcreek residents were asked to identify problems they feel need to be addressed to move the township forward.

2,000 residents participated in the process.

This month, two additional meetings will be held to the public to sound off on possible solutions.

The first meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 24 at McDowell Intermediate School.

The second will be the following night - Thursday, Jan. 25 - at J.S. Wilson Middle School.

Both meetings will run from 6 to 8 p.m.

"We want to make sure and express to folks that we heard them in Phase One," John Morgan, Millcreek Township Supervisor, told Erie News Now Monday. "Here's the input we got, and here's some of the ideas we have for how we might be able to address those concerns and how to move our community forward."

A draft of the comprehensive plan should be completed in May.

The township will hold more public hearings before it is officially approved.

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