Municipal street department crews, throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania, are not being caught off guard by the latest weather.  They have been prepared to combat the ice and snow.

Street department crews in Harborcreek have been ready to take on whatever weather is thrown our way. The attitude is, even if a foot of snow falls tonight, that's like a dusting compared to what fell over the final few days of December. Harborcreek crews worked long and hard during that mighty snow fall last month. The township paid $20,000 in overtime, and also used $14,000 worth of salt, $4,000 worth of anti-skid, and  used $10,000 worth of fuel.

The crews are prepared to work overtime again tonight if needed. Their main concern is keeping everyone on the roads safe. The crews are responsible for maintaining 87 miles of highway.  This morning, the township's nine plow trucks were lined up, and gassed up, and filled with salt and anti-skid. Since ice would come before snow, their first stop would sections of road that have steep hills and sharp curves.

The trick is knowing exactly when, and where  to apply the salt and anti-skid  so it can be the most effective.

"We have that fine line when it starts to change from rain to snow.  We're going to go out and pre-treat some of the hills and curves with salt and anti-skid.  We don't want to put it too early.  It gets washed away by the rain.  So it kind of a fine line. We have to watch what's happening up on the hill.  It's much different than what's happening down here by the lake," says Supervisor Joe Peck.

Harborcreek supervisors will be keeping their eye on the Streets Department budget. The budget totals $2 million, and $50,000 was spent in only a few days in December.  They're hoping the rest of the winter will be kind.