French Creek went over its banks today causing extensive flooding in Meadville.

The creek, swollen by heavy rain and melting snow, began backing up behind an ice jam.

The jam broke just before noon.

Large chunks of ice and debris moved quickly downstream.

That was a relief but still there was plenty of high water, closing many streets and intersections.

There was also extensive flooding in the low lying areas of the city's fifth ward.

There were no official evacuations, but some homeowners left their homes when water began pouring into their basements.

Homeowner Walter Boyda said, "I had to leave the house, get the wife out, and shut off the furnace. How much water? Oh, there's a lot, probably 2-3 feet if not more."

While the jam broke apart around noon, late today it appeared to be re-forming a couple of miles to the south.

Officials are urging everyone to stay alert.

And they are asking motorists to avoid driving through high water.

At least three drivers became stuck in high water this afternoon.