As the damages to roofs and gutters increases in area neighborhoods, insurance claims are on the rise.

You hope you never have to submit an insurance claim.

            But that's what many area residents are having to do, and for the insurance companies, that means calls are flooding in.

With the dramatic thaw we've had, coupled with the rain, all that melting heavy snow and water is ripping gutters off where they stand,

Not to mention leaking roofs or other damages related to the recent weather.

            That spike in issues is a big reason insurance companies like the Lafaro Agency are tied up with an abnormal amount of claims.

            Owner Robert Lafaro says agencies like his, are bringing in extra claim adjustors to assess damages, and their work is far from over

"You're gonna have folks that are either out of state or finding out issues after the fact.” said Lafaro “Snow is coming off roofs, and people are finding damage that may have happened a week ago. So, a discovery process is going to continue, so the insurance company is going to continue to remain on full alert, as well as us agents, and be there for when anybody needs us."

In the meantime, Lafaro advises anyone with water seeping into their homes to try and dry it up as soon as you can so as to prevent any further damages to your home.