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Fire Destroys Former Building of New Life Care Center

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Amy and Pauline Lewis of the New Life Care Center were in the process of moving into a new facility on Spruce Street, when they received the devastating news.

On Tuesday night, a massive fire broke out in Maria's Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Titusville, and spread next door to their old building.

The fire destroyed all of the New Life Care Center’s furniture, computers, and an ultrasound machine.

The center, which provides support for women involved in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, was able to salvage some items to keep them in business.

"We have at least saved all of the maternity clothes, baby clothes, and items we give away, which is really the heart of our ministry,” said Amy Lewis.  “I'm thankful those were saved."

The damage to their former building, fills both Lewis' with a sense of sadness.

“A lot of energy was poured into renovating that building and gathering all of the things that we did,” said Pauline Lewis.  “As time goes on, you begin to think of more and more things that are down there still that we lost."

Despite losing most of their furniture and equipment in the fire, the center will continue to help the women of the Titusville community, at their new location.

"We are still open,” said Amy Lewis.  “We're up and running, and if anyone needs any help, just give us a call."

For more information on the New Life Care Center call (814) 493-6193, or visit:

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