The field of medical marijuana is growing.

In fact, a dispensary is set to open soon in Erie, and the company offered the public a chance to learn more about it Thursday night, and apply for the jobs, that will come with it.

Erie News Now got a look inside the building, that will house the area's first medical marijuana dispensary.

A company called Green Thumb Industries, or GTI, purchased the office building at 8th and Beverly in Erie, and will start transforming it on Friday, with demolition set to begin.

GTI is one of the largest medical cannabis companies in the country.

The company's CEO, Pete Kadens, says he sees first hand, people across the county benefiting from medical marijuana, "Across the country, we're seeing AIDS patients, cancer patients, glaucoma patients, Parkinson's patients, all using cannabis for various different symptoms issues," said Kadens. "Out of this facility in Erie, we'll be dispensing all different forms of medicine from topicals, rubs, salves, gels, medical applications like tablets that look like a Tylenol, oils and cartridges, things you can vaporize," Kadens continued.

Kadens says the key now is getting area doctors on board, educated in the benefits of treating patients with medical marijuana, "If doctors aren't education and don't have knowledge, the patients wont have access, and so it's really important that we spend time with physicians in this area, to get them up to speed," said Kadens.

To recommend medical marijuana, doctors must pay a $500 fee and complete a four hour education course. GTI is offering 20 scholarships for physicians in our area, which will cover the cost of the course.