Senior night is always a special evening for the boys of the General McLane basketball squad.

But Friday night was unlike any other that anyone had experienced before.

Andrew Hyman: "What has you most excited to get out there?

Aaron Wagner: - Yes, basketball, yeah, winning, yeah, playoffs."

To say Aaron Wagner breathes Lancer sports would be an understatement

"He represents everything about General McLane that we love, he's 100 percent committed. Athletic Director, Rob Kennerknecht said “He's always positive, hes always willing to do whatever's needed, and that's what we love about him."

The boy, born with special needs joined the team this season but has been a fixture around the program for years.

            And in return for his passion for the team, and the game. He earned the opportunity of a lifetime. He was coming off the bench, and on to the court.  And he was going to score.

"If you get a picture of his smile, you'll understand.
Kennerknecht said This is a pretty big deal for him, and it's a pretty big deal for us, and it's, the smile is worth it."
(Youre shooting a) Layup right?

Aaron: Yeah

Andrew: Been working on it?

            Aaron: Yeah!

            Andrew-Gonna nail it?


It's game time, and the spotlight is on Aaron.

A drive to the hoop brings him to a moment he's so anxiously waited for.

            Aaron Wagner may have finished one for two in his career. But his attitude and passion for the game is something you can't put on a stat sheet.