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Here's How Pizza Could Be a Better Breakfast than Cereal

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For those watching the big game at house parties, it's as much about the food as it is the game.

And pizza always seems to be in the hot seat.  But not this time. 

In a recent report in USA Today, a nutritionist cited a slice of pizza as a healthier breakfast option than a sugary cereal.

So on the morning after the big game should you reach for that leftover slice, or stick with a cold bowl of cereal? 

Pizza... Breakfast cereal. Two totally different foods. Yet, one could make a healthier breakfast option than the other. And it's not the cereal.

Yeah, that's right. Well, kind of

" I absolutely believe that." said Frank Altadonna

            Altadonna is the head chef at Pepperoni Paulie
s. He and his staff hand-prepare their ingredients, including a non-bleached dough.

I mean, being a diabetic, a slice of pizza would be better for me than a sugary bowl of cereal or anything like that. Altadonna said

And they say pizza is the perfect medicine, but what are the people that are actually working with medicine saying?

"Nutrition is simple, but it's not "that" simple" Registered Dietitian Christie Parson said


 "So you have to think about the big picture, and looking into what's really in your food. And looking at the ingredients versus saying one thing's better, or worse than another."

Sometimes, it's what you add to your pizza, or your cereal that can make, or break the battle.

"Pizza certainly can be healthy depending on the way you make It.
said Clinical Dietitian at Saint Vincent Hospital, Jennifer Potthoff  If you choose thin crust that is made with whole grain flour you can get the added benefits of the whole grains. And depending on what you put on it can make a big difference. Putting low fat cheese on it with, maybe something like tomatoes and spinach, and artichokes. Really any type vegetable would be good to go on."


If you're looking at the ingredients on the cereal, and there's not that much sugar in it, and its whole grain, and there's a lot of other nutrients in it. Then, it's not really that bad." Parsons said

            So, there you have it, it all comes down to ingredients. What you use, and what you have with it. Now, as for what you're going to have for breakfast, that's up to you.

Obviously, the best way to avoid the calories is to eat neither, but if you must, make sure to eat it in moderation...or spin them to be healthier.

*All three echoed the importance of variety and moderation. The spin we referred to echoes what Pothoff recommended. Variables such as adding different types of milk, or added fruit to your cereal can be considered in the same breath as pizza toppings/ crust.

If you would like some added reference, this is the average nutritional content of one slice of cheese pizza.  This is the average nutritional content of certain cereals.

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