More people are heading to Presque Isle and taking advantage of the winter weather.

The community celebrated the 4th annual Presque Isle Snow Day Saturday. It's all about recognizing Presque Isle as a four-seasons park.

The day was filled with ice fishing, Siberian Huskies and other winter activities. People from out of state even stopped by to try their luck at ice fishing.

Presque Isle Partnership executive director Jon DeMarco said for the last few years, the weather was too warm to go onto the ice. He said this is one of the reasons more people are heading to the park.

"[There's] a lot of activity on the park with these nice sunny days that we've had," said DeMarco. "People are ice skating, cross country skiing, and, of course, tons of ice fishermen are out. You see the ice boaters out. You see people hiking and bird watching. It's thriving right now."

Presque Isle Snow Day is organized by the Presque Isle Partnership.

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