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Senator Scott Wagner Favored by GOP Leaders in Caucus Straw Polls

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Senator Scott Wagner leads in GOP caucus straw polls Senator Scott Wagner leads in GOP caucus straw polls

Of four candidates seeking the republican nomination to run for Governor of Pennsylvania, Senator Scott Wagner of York has lead in all but one of the straw polls in party caucuses across the state.

The northwest and southwest caucuses met on Saturday morning.  They were the last two to weigh in.

In a close vote 30 to 28, the southwest supported Senator Wagner over House Speaker Mike Turzai.  Turzai who is from the Pittsburgh suburb of Sewickley, was edged out in his home region.

The northwest caucus, meeting in Clarion, turned out to be the outlier for the state. Their members backed Speaker Turzai over Senator Wagner by a vote of 23 to 14.

Before each straw poll is taken the candidates have a chance to make a brief presentation. They appeared in Cranberry, where the southwest caucus met, before moving on to Clarion to meet with the northwest caucus.

Candidate Paul Mango came in a distant third in the caucus straw polls, while Laura Ellsworth, who chose not to participate in the process, picked up only a handful of votes across the state.

County party chairs and elected state committee people are the party leaders eligible to vote in the non-binding polls.  They were also polled in the race for U.S. Senate, and Lt. Governor.

The straw polls at regional caucuses come in advance of the February 9-10 Pennsylvania GOP winter meeting in Hershey, where the party committee will make decisions on endorsements.

Pennsylvania voters will have their say in the May 15 primary election.

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