Major companies reveal their best advertisements during the Super Bowl as millions tune in to watch.

Toyota, Coca-Cola, Spring, Michelob Ultra, Amazon Alexa and more all pulled out the stops this year.

Some companies have been working on the ads since last year's Super Bowl.

A Doritos-Mountain Dew commercial is incorporating actors like Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman doing a lip-sync battle. Steven Tyler is rocking behind a Kia Stinger. Budweiser is showing how the company helped in natural disaster relief efforts.

Kevin Buzard, who works in sales and marketing at Lilly Broadcasting, said the emotional ones are the most memorable.

"Anything that tugs at your heart or makes you laugh," said Buzard. "If you think back to some of the most popular commercials, I think of, in more recent years, the Volkswagen commercials with the little kid who is Darth Vader. The Clydesdale throughout the years, and the Clydesdale commercials are some of the best commercials."

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