Whether you follow football all year long - or join the Super Bowl party for the fun and the food, it's a unifying force in American culture.

Around here, it seemed people were unified against the patriots, because they've won so many times

America loves many things, and one of them is in fact, hating the Pats. But, put that aside, the game itself is major bonding experience, regardless of who is playing. And there are many ways, and places to share that experience.

A packed house gathers at the Sunflower Club to watch the big game.

            For Steelers fan, Randy Durkoske, it's the thrill of rooting against the Patriots, with some money thrown in, that's his favorite part of the experience.

“For me, it's getting football squares.” Durkoske said “And seeing if my numbers hit on the squares, if my team's on it."

            Elsewhere, Greg Sesler, and his friends are gathered in his living room, and like Durkoske, there's a little extra motivation to watch.


"This is a chance to get together with friends, and we seem to do this every year.” Sesler said “And everybody pitches in, we all bring food and drink, it's just a fun party."

And whether you're watching the game at home, or away, one thing's for sure.

"Unless you live in New England, you're not going to be rootin for the Patriots."

A subtle joke there at the end, there were actually a couple of brave Pats fans present at the Sunflower Club.

The Patriots did not repeat as champions, as they fell 41-33 to Philadelphia.