Former Erie Mayor Rick Filippi is getting closer to launching a political comeback.

Today he said he is moving forward with plans to run for the state house seat now held by Flo Fabrizio.

Filippi said after meeting with his family over the weekend, he plans to take out petitions and make a formal announcement in a few weeks.

Two other well known democrats, city councilman Bob Merski and former county councilman Jay Breneman are both considering entering the race.

The potential candidates coming forward after last week's announcement by Fabrizio, who is fighting pancreatic cancer, that he will not seek another term.

And it is not just democrats who are thinking about running.

Local real estate broker, Republican Laban Marsh is also considering a run.

He said, "I have enough experience and understanding of what the needs and desires of this are are, and I am somebody who lives to live by the golden rule and I really just want to serve."

Marsh says he will make an official decision very soon.

All candidates will be under a time crunch. 

They can begin circulating nominating petitions a week from tomorrow.

The petitions have to be filed by early March.