As investigators try to determine the cause of a structure fire at the WLD Ranch, the Christian camp is now focused on rebuilding.

WLD Ranch Director Joseph Preston met with a fire inspector on Monday, to assess the damage to the Buckskin Bunkhouse.

The fire, which broke out on Friday afternoon, destroyed the back half of the bunkhouse and caused smoke damage to the front part of the building.

It's one of two bunkhouses on the 98 acre property.

The fire also destroyed all of the beds and furniture that were inside of the structure.

Fire investigators say no one was in the building when the fire broke out.

Preston says the camp does have insurance on the building, but he anticipates expenses to exceed what their insurance will cover, so WLD has set up a donation fund on their website, to help cover additional costs.

"We've already even in the first couple of days, have received some donations,” said Preston.  “It's just a neat experience to see the support of the community that is willing to contribute and help us recover from this loss."

If you would like to donate, visit: