FIRST WARNING WEATHER: It's official, Erie has recorded the most snow in a season with .7 inches of new snow recorded at the Erie International Airport as of 8 a.m. The old record of 149.1" was set back in 2000-01. This milestone comes seven weeks after the record breaking Christmas snow storm that measured 34 inches on Christmas day and 60.5 inches over a two-day period marking a state-wide record for a 48 hours snowfall. In addition, December, 2017 was the snowiest month on record for the City of Erie with 121.3 inches of snow.

Since record keeping started in the late 1800's, Erie has record 140 inches of snow only four other times and with a month and a half of winter left there is no doubt the one-sixty inch mark will be achieved. Although with over of 90% of Lake Erie covered in ice it may be a challenge to reach nearby Buffalo, New York's record snowfall of 199.4" set back in 1977-78. Lake Effect snow will be sparse, however a few clippers over the remainder of the winter may help to challenge the record for the snowiest in a season on Lake Erie.

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