The stock market has seen some very turbulent days this week. With Monday the worst day for the Dow since 2011.

There was a big market rebound yesterday, but it’s leading to a lot of anxiety for investors.

The European stock market is higher today as markets worldwide attempt to shake off the Dow’s largest single day point loss in history.

However, markets in Asia are still fluctuating and aren’t having as much luck bouncing back. China’s market is down by 1.82 percent and Hong Kong’s market is down 0.89 percent. While both Tokyo and Japan’s market finished higher in trading.

According to analysts several reasons are causing the market to fluctuate. Including an uptick in wages, worries over the bond market and concerns the market is growing too fast.

Even with all of these factors experts say not to panic.

“Don't make any sudden moves,” said CNN Global Economic Analyst Rana Foroohar said. “If you don't need your money soon, leave it where it is.”