Competitions in the 2018 Winter Olympic games begin on Thursday, with the big Opening Ceremony set for Friday night.

And at the Peek'n Peak Ski Resort, skiers and snowboarders are getting hyped for the world-class competitions.

The Peek sees interest from people who want to try the snow sports they see during the games, like alpine skiing, ski cross, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and cross country skiing.

The resort offers a snow sports school, that teaches different levels of skills for skiing or snowboarding, for everyone.

The program consists of five steps, designed to convert people new to the sport, into lifelong enthusiasts.

Peek'n Peak's Snow Sports Operations Manager, Stuart Gates, says seeing the Olympic athletes compete inspires many to give it a shot, "I think the Olympics definitely stir up some new interest. People who have never skied before see people out there having fun, so they want to get here and try it themselves," said Gates. "As for skiing and snowboarding in general, it's growing every year. We like to get as many people out there as possible," Gates continued.

Gates says the instructors judge their success, by the smiles on everyone's faces.